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Welcome to clarity, focus and confidence

Is this you?

  • Dynamic leader/executive
  • Passionate about your business and the people in it
  • Driven to provide the best service possible to your clients


  • Lost touch with your original vision
  • Seeking the structure and focus you once enjoyed
  • Overwhelmed by emails, paperwork and task lists
  • Finding that ideas no longer manifest
  • Feel that you're always firefighting

I can help...

I work with successful people, helping them to regain clarity, identify core strengths and unlock their full potential.

If any of this resonates for you, call me for a conversation and see what possibilities exist.

"If you look at a challenge and see possibilities, your battle is already half won!"

What people say?

"Jacqueline is an inspirational life changer.

A very charismatic person who can ascertain your key strengths with remarkable speed then clarifies realistic business goals in a way that doesn't require note-taking, everything she says makes perfect sense.

Since working with Jacqueline she has helped me gain more focus in areas such as pricing and prioritisation plus clarified areas where I excel as a business owner and should embrace more."

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Testimonial from Chris Dack in Solihull

Chris Dack
Chris G Dack Ltd